Kick Your Personal Training Business into High Gear.

Tap into 20+ years of expert insights and create a sustainable roadmap to success with Mark Anthony’s 6 Week PT MASTERCLASS for Personal Trainers for just £499 today.


Turn 20+ Years of Experience into a Roadmap for Long-Term Success in Just 6 Weeks (with Minimal Sweat Required).

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There’s never been a better time to become a personal trainer…

People got used to one-on-one online training over the pandemic, and as a result, the virtual personal training space is incredibly overcrowded. Now that social distancing restrictions are lifting and everything is re-opening, they are going to want to replicate
this in the gym. In-person training offers a vastly superior experience and less competition than its online counterpart, but success isn’t guaranteed

Aspiring personal trainers need more than just good conditioning and a passing knowledge of fitness and nutrition – you need something that truly sets you apart from the crowd.

Professional Insights, Right at Your Fingertips...

These days, training your body isn’t the only thing that can be accomplished via zoom – you can use video to develop your business too.

With Mark Anthony’s 6 Week PT MASTERCLASS for Personal Trainers, aspiring trainers gain in-depth insights from a renowned fitness instructor who has built a 7-figure personal training business from scratch.

The 3 secrets to PT Business success

“When I started in 2003, I had nothing. Since then, I’ve developed studios and health clubs, trained celebrities, made media appearances, and released my own books and DVDs. The journey took me almost 20 years – I want to help you get there quicker.”

Unlock the next level in your journey in just 6 weeks.

Whether you’re an established trainer looking to rejuvenate your career or a complete
newcomer looking to get your first taste of training, the information covered in this
course is bound to help. Over 6 exclusive masterclass lectures, Mark will help you
develop the skill and mindset needed to set yourself apart in a massively
crowded market.

Throughout the course, Mark will help you…

Develop expert-level training tools

Become excited about your future

Maximise client retention

Increase earning potential

Protect your Income

Sustain longevity

Course Breakdown

Here’s what’s included in the full course:

Week 1:

We discuss your path and explore your core values.

Week 2:

We address the physical tools required to thrive.

Week 3:

We discover the art of motivation and learn that every rep counts

Week 4:

We focus on selling your belief, this time, next time and every time

Week 5:

We look at the overall process required to be successful

Week 6:

We wrap the course up by preparing you for the future

Each session includes roughly 30 mins of exclusive video content and is accompanied
by a weekly group call with Mark. You will also gain access to a social group community
feature where you can connect with other like minded individuals.

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Meet Your Instructor

The masterclass is presented by The Body Genius, Mark Anthony, one of the leading fitness instructors in the U.K. Since starting his personal fitness journey in 2003, Mark has trained celebrities, appeared on television programs, and developed a line of successful health clubs.

There are plenty of good trainers out there, just as there are plenty of successful entrepreneurs. Mark Anthony combines both skills in one package, and that’s a much rarer find. It took him 20 years of sweat to turn over £250k in a quarter – with Mark Anthony’s 6 Week PT MASTERCLASS for Personal Trainers he provides access to the knowledge he’s gained in just a few weeks.

The best part? The course is just scratching the surface of what’s included.

In addition to the 6-week masterclass, students receive access to Mark’s proven weight loss formula which you can then sell to clients, plus contacts that can help with accounting, web development, social media, and other key business tools.

All told, the package includes:

6 Week Masterclass

£2999 value

Business Contact List

£199 value

Weight Loss Formula

£499 value

Weekly Group Call

£1299 value

Internal Group Community


That’s over £4999 in value… available for just £499!

Ready to discover the number one tip for retaining over 90% of your clients?

Save thousands in tuition costs and receive the answer directly from Mark Anthony.

Sign up now for £499

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